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The specific variety Prokupec is a little forgotten Balkan grape variety that cannot be found anywhere else. In Macedonia, it is grown on limited areas, mostly in the Pelagonian-Pologian and Pcinj-Osogovo regions.

The variety ripens very late, and the peel is thick and has a dark blue color. It is characterized by good fertility and is a profitable variety. The plant needs fertile and moderately moist soils, and it suffers from drought on poor soils and dry terrains.

Prokupa grown in good conditions provides a good basis for strengthening red wines. Therefore, it is also suitable for blending with other red wines.

The wine from the seller presents an excellent harmony of color, smell and taste. It has a medium strength, is well colored, light and beery.

  • Dry red wine of controlled origin from the Tikvesh Vineyards, with a pronounced ruby red color.
  • A refreshing wine with rich fruit aromas, including more pronounced sour cherries and cherries, and a finish of dried fruit flavors, among which the most pronounced fig and nut flavors.
  • It is served chilled at a temperature of 14 - 18 ºC
  • Alc 14% vol
  • You can drink it with light appetizers, pasta and stews, but it is a good combination with red meat and game.

Wine Prokupec 0.75 l

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