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Zh'ta Kav'd'arečka is not an ordinary grape brandy, it is a brandy with tradition. Brandy produced in the traditional way with double distillation and with previous selection of the grapes.

After distillation, this brandy is aged peacefully in oak barrels, where it is enriched with unique aromas and riches of oak wood.

During the period of one year, this brandy develops its characteristic softness and rich taste, which makes it ideal to be enjoyed on any occasion. The casual, mild dimension of the oak contributes to the final product with a wealth of notes from the wood, making it an exceptional delight for every taste.

The remarkable combination of quality raw materials, careful mixing and perfectly measured aging periods result in a brandy that will take your enjoyment experience to perfection.

It contains 42% alcohol which makes the brandy ideal for enjoying solo or in company.

Welcome to the world of enjoyment, welcome to the world of our Zh'ta Kav'd'arečka brandy.

Rakija Zta Kavdrecka 0.5 l

SKU: 5319992186094
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