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An old Thracian variety of Plovdina grapes, which is found in very small quantities in older vineyards, and there are 2-3 rods per vineyard. Once characteristic of the areas of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey, it has recently been dying out.
Just like all local varieties, plovdina is characterized by high durability and resistance in different weather conditions.
Plovdina grapes ripen in the mid-late period and the grapes themselves are characterized by a pale shade of wild rose.
The wine from this grape gives its best characteristics when it is young and fresh.
Our winery is the only winery in Macedonia that produces wine from this grape in a very limited series and it is adored by people with a refined taste for wine.

  • Dry rosé wine of controlled origin from the Tikvesh Vineyards, with a pronounced pale pink shade of wild rose.
  • A perfect blend of aromas of spring flowers, strawberries and raspberries, and the fruity notes stand out the most when the wine is consumed young.
  • It is served chilled at a temperature of 8 - 12 ºC
  • Alc 13% vol
  • It is an excellent choice when the wine is combined with light and creamy puddings, and the main characteristics come to the fore even more when served with green salad, sardines, stuffed peppers, bean casserole or with some lighter dishes.

Wine Plovdina 0.75 l

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