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In Macedonia, there are several authentic grape varieties that grow in the nearby region, but only one of them grows exclusively on Macedonian soil. We are talking about Stanusina - an old grape variety that can only be found in the Tikvesh region.

The main characteristic of this variety is durability. At a certain period in the past, there was a danger of disappearing, due to the fact that few people paid enough attention to it, but the settlement managed to survive.
A high quality wine is obtained from it.

The vine ripens late, the cold does not bother it and it gives good yields. When it enters the cellar, the grapes require great attention and real dedication. If the year is good, then it can provide a medium strength wine of 11 to 12 percent alcohol.

The color of the wine obtained from Stanushina has a characteristic pale shade, rich extract and high acidity, which gives the drink an extraordinary freshness. This wine is also adored by people with a refined taste, who never miss the opportunity to take at least one bottle with them when visiting Macedonia.

Taste this precious wine from the only real Macedonian grape. When you drink just one drop, you will realize that you are drinking a part of the Macedonian history written in it.

  • Dry rosé wine of controlled origin from the Tikvesh Vineyards, with a pronounced pale pink shade of wild rose.
  • A perfect blend of aromas of spring flowers, strawberries and raspberries, and the fruity notes stand out the most when the wine is consumed young.
  • It is served chilled at a temperature of 8 - 12 ºC
  • Alc 12% vol
  • It is an excellent choice when the wine is combined with light and creamy puddings, and the main characteristics come to the fore even more when served with green salad, sardines, stuffed peppers, bean casserole or with some lighter dishes.

Wine Stanushina 0.75 l

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