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Temjanika is a grape variety that does not have an exact and known origin, and it is assumed that it originates from the Middle East. It represents one of the oldest and most widespread varieties in the world, and in Macedonia, it is most represented in Tikveshia. The variety got its name from the pronounced smell of violets.
Thyme ripens in late August or early September, on light and moderately moist soils. It is the most suitable muscat variety for warm vineyards. It has a medium yield. The grapes have thick, wormy skin with a green-yellow color, on the sunny side, there are rusty spots. The juice is colorless with a distinct nutmeg smell.
High-quality dry, semi-dry, and dessert muscat wines are obtained from the Temjanika. The wine from Tejmanika has an intense golden-yellow color with green shades, and it is distinguished by a strong freshness with a full flavor that has been felt for a long time. The aromas are strongly muscat and spicy, and you can taste the apricot, dried plum, or orange peel.

  • Dry white wine of controlled origin from the Tikvesh Vineyard, with a pronounced yellow-green lemon color.
  • A perfect blend of floral and fruity aromas and especially pronounced violet aromas.
  • It is served chilled at a temperature of 10 - 12 ºC
  • Alc 11.5% vol
  • You can drink it with light food, salads, white meat, seafood, and desserts. However, because it has rich aromas, you can freely serve and drink it.

Wine Temjanika 0.75 l - 5+1

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