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The most important and leading variety for the production of red wines in Macedonia is Vranec. The event is by way of natural crossing and is represented in all the vineyards of the Povardar region, and in other vineyards it is found on a smaller scale. The grapes have a dark red color and give the best results on moderately fertile and moderately moist soils.
The word vranec means a black stallion, so the wines of this grape variety are associated with strength and power. Crow also means something that has a shiny black color.

  • Dry red wine of controlled origin from the Tikvesh Vineyard, with an intense darker ruby red color, rich in extract and colored substances.
  • The taste is harmonious, with a pronounced varietal aroma and a more complex aroma that resembles forest fruits and woody aromas, as well as chocolate and liqueur.
  • It is served at a temperature of 16 - 20 ºC.
  • Alc 12.5% vol.
  • It goes well with all Macedonian dishes, as well as with red meat, game, grilled meat and smoked meat.

Wine Vranec 0.75 l

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